Benefits of Private Yoga session

In order to meet your specialized needs and specific schedule, I would love to offer private therapeutic yoga classes that will give you one-on-one attention, if need be, modified poses to enable and enhance your healing.
Sometimes people find it overwhelming to join a group yoga session for various personal or schedule challenges. Or if new to yoga, they may feel shy to try it amidst other unknown classmates. Sometimes the group class timings do not suit them, so people prefer to take the private class which can be flexible and the appointment could be taken as per the mutual convenience of the teacher and the taught. And it can vary from week to week. Private yoga is a personalized one-on-one session to experience a deeper level of relaxation as well as getting relief from pent-up negative emotions, anxieties and specific chronic aches and pains.
All my private yoga students get the extra benefit of my holistic counselling approaches to improve mental and physical health within a safe, nurturing and professional environment. They gain knowledge and tools to fine-tune their mindset and learn how to trigger their body’s own self-repair mechanism to overcome chronic health problems and life issues. A private session will help achieve personal yoga goals amidst any restrictions due to health and/or disabilities.
If you think you may rather benefit more from private yoga sessions that can be tailor-made around your health goals then don’t look further, connect with me today. Choose a session you think is a good fit that will fulfil your wellness needs and goals.
You may choose Gentle Yoga sessions to relax, or work around specific pains or to remedy neck-shoulder or hip stiffness with a goal to become more flexible. Or you may prefer tailored Restorative Yoga sessions for experiencing deeper levels of relaxation focussing on specific body parts you want to bring healing to. Or perhaps you want to book a private Meditation session?
No matter what you choose, it will be an opportunity to create your own personal yoga/meditation routine to continue the practice at home and sustain a newer, fresher and well balanced you! 
 Please check the Fees for Individual Yoga session here: Individual Session Fees 2018