Welcome to your Wellness Headquarters!

The Wellness Workshop Series will be updated periodically. New workshops will be added as soon as they become available. For suggesting new topics for wellness-related workshops, please contact Purnima at purnima@wellnessworkshophq.com or mobile 778 316-6371.

Currently, we are offering the following 3 workshops:

1. Relax & Rejuvenate

We are currently running a much loved Relax & Rejuvenate session at our wellness centre in Radium Hot Springs. Giving back to the wonderful Community around, it is a By Donation event. Held every Wednesdays between 7 to 8 pm. Suitable for all age groups. Dress Comfy. Light stomach. If you may, bring your own yoga mat, block & light blanket. The yoga accessories are also provided at the centre for your use.

It’s a great opportunity to get introduced to Yoga and experience how Yoga can help you feel relaxed and peaceful.

 2. Gentle Yoga for Flexibility

Gentle Yoga For Flexibility
New Group session from September 16th, 2017

Gentle Yoga for Flexibility sessions is open for beginners, seniors and those who haven’t practised for a while. It includes gentle stretching, twisting, lengthening and strengthening of the body, deep breathing techniques (pranayama), and a final relaxation pose. These yoga moves will help you feel peaceful, sleep well and physically becoming more flexible.

After the session, I am sure you will feel relaxed and balanced; ready to face the world with a deep sense of calmness within!

3. Yoga For Life-Work Balance

The Yoga for Life-Work Balance is an ongoing Tuesday evening session that will help you Relax, Realign & Restore. The sessions are specially designed to serve all those who are working in a service-oriented, care giver’s noble profession including Social Workers, Counsellors, Victim Assistant workers, Human Service Workers and Community Support Workers. Those working in the hospitality sectors are also very welcome.

You take care of others, at work, at home and in the community; now it’s time to care for yourself!

Wellness Workshop HQ will soon introduce the following single session experiential workshops to help you relax, realign, balance and rejuvenate.  Please visit us again or call us for the sessions update. You may invite any of the workshops to your workplace, community or private friends & family events.

Laughter Therapy

Laughter Therapy combines simulated laughter exercises with deep breathing and stretches that oxygenate your body and you feel energized and rejuvenated. Laughter Therapy can change your mood within minutes, by releasing natural analgesic, Endorphins, that reduces the sensation of pain and affect emotions positively, activating the immune system, decreasing the “stress” hormones, and relaxing your joints and muscles. This session is a MUST weekly dose for those dealing with boredom, depression, loneliness, anxieties, aches, and pains.

Laughter Yoga is the happiest workout in the world! Come laugh with me!!

Healing Breathing Exercises

The empowering path to self-healing can be as simple as breathing right!  Breathing exercises (Pranayama) is another essential part of yoga practice that involves distinct scientific methods regulating the breath intentionally.  Respiration (breath) is ‘Prana’, the ultimate expression of energy and life. When ‘Prana’ flows abundantly in our being, we become aware of a glow to our skin and eyes, we feel energetic, vibrant and feel a pulse of energy in each and every cell of our body. On the other hand, when there is a deficiency of ‘Prana’, we feel constant fatigue, dull skin, tired eyes, lack of enthusiasm and sadness. In this self-healing session, you will learn the basics and rehearse various types of breathing exercises that can be practiced daily.

Join me in this Healing Pranayama journey, to nurture & cultivate your body, your garden!

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an essential component of yoga. It helps facilitate a state of equanimity. It helps you become aware of here & now; and live in the present moment, unconditionally. You will learn to balance your emotions and experience inner peace. Mindfulness meditation is practiced sitting with eyes closed, cross-legged on a cushion, or on a chair, with the back straight. It involves breathing techniques to relax the body and letting go of mental attachments and worries. According to a 2014 psychological study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety, depression, and pain.

Come, sit comfortably and relax. Become aware of your silent but powerful sense of presence. Within this Silence, is all the answers you seek!


Contact: Call/text or email us to book individual/group workshop sessions. 

The Wellness Workshop HQ centre is located at the Radium Plaza, (above the Library), in the gorgeous Radium Hot Springs.