Laugh Away Your Woes!!!

Say YES to Laughter Yoga…    LY pic2

LAUGHTER YOGA Workshop- is a meaningful blend of activities to initiate wellness, healing and fun! It includes a power-point presentation followed by simulated laughter exercises- (a unique technique created by Dr. Madan Kataria) to create laughter without the use of any humor or jokes; inter-spaced with deep breathing and gentle stretching exercises (adapted from Yoga) and some meaningful healing visualizations, affirmations, dancing, fun, and frolics. The session is concluded with 10 minutes of calm-down relaxing meditation.


This workshop is specifically developed for professionals, staff, and volunteers from health care, non-profit sectors, and other corporate workplaces. It is aimed at providing the participants with knowledge and skills to use laughter as an instant stress-buster; prevent burnout; to promote physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, with an ultimate goal to promote team spirit, improve productivity and get an opportunity to relax and have fun….

This workshop can be a wonderful Team Building  or Ice Breaker activity for Staff Development Days or AGM’s.


  1. To understand the benefits and physiology of laughter
  2. Learn about the history of the Laughter Club movement
  3. Learn & practice various laughter exercises
  4. Learn & practice healing visualization techniques

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