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Online Course exploring the true origin and evolution of Yoga: Deepen Your Knowledge Of Yoga Beyond The Mat

Augment your path of self-realization & spirituality with true knowledge of Yoga, Nada Yoga, Chakras, Sanskrit, Meditation and Vedas with these outstanding albums, high-quality sounds that are digitally downloadable. The Albums by Ram Vakkalanka

Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves? Ted Talk by Lisa Rankin


Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!  Easy to follow video about chronic pain 

British Columbia College of Social Workers Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

British Columbia Association of Social Worker



$45 off your first Airbnb booking!!


A perfect resource for both domestic and international travellers. We are ourselves Super Hosts on Airbnb and have also travelled to stay with other Airbnb hosts with a wonderful experience. People come to stay with us as a guest and leave as friends. You may want to check our listing and reviews here: Relax & Heal in Radium Hot SpringsWe love the informal, laid back, homely atmosphere with an Airbnb hosts, as against the boring, regimental and too formal hotel/motel setting. Most Airbnb accommodations are warm & welcoming, and so much cheaper than the mainstream hotels too. I invite you to try out an Airbnb accommodation next time you plan to travel. Reading through the reviews before booking a host is always a good thing as you learn insider’s views of the place and about the host family and you might decide that listing is not a good fit for your needs or you might find wonderful super hosts who connect with you instantly and you know they will be the perfect host for your stay with them. Happy travelling!